Friday, July 8, 2011

Protect your Guitar while Soldering

A momentary lapse of conscience whilst soldering could lead to catastrophic surface damage on your instrument or the customers instrument.

But a quick and easy solution is often the best. Make a template that will surround the cavity where you are working on the guitar - it's usually on the back side of the instrument and this area is usually covered with a plastic guard. I use the pick guard as a template. If you are doing soldering in other area's you will need to become creative and take measurements in order to replicate a negative image of the surface you are working with.

In the photo, I used simple card board to prevent the soldering iron from burning the guitar if I happen to get sloppy or I am unusually distracted. I hold the cardboard on with duct tape, gaffers tape or blue masking tape. Regardless of what tape you apply, pre-test (in an innocuous place) it to be certain you can removed when the project is completed.

I use scrap card board boxes which have large sides. I cut the boxes into rectangular pieces for easy storage and use them when a project requires soldering. Any burn marks on a vintage instrument will be painful to you and your customer - Be safe not sorry!

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