Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gryphon Stringed Instruments

When I was very young, my grand parents fulfilled my dreams and gave me my great grand fathers banjo. I coveted that banjo and I still have it, I love it and it has soul. It's a Washburn Banjo and it had real ivory tuning keys. However, as nice as it was, it needed repair in order to make it playable for me. Many many years ago, my grand parents and I walked into Gryphon's original shop on Old El Camino way in Palo Alto. I remember my grand mother telling me to not touch or break anything, I put my hands in my pockets and obeyed. In what seems like a lifetime but was probably a week or two. My banjo was restored and I commenced to learning how to play it. I also was taking classical guitar lessons simultaneously and as life turns out - The guitar playing seemed to stick more to my tenancies. My brief experience became a life style and part of that is due to my early experiences with these cool guys who ran a small shop that was simply a few blocks from my grand parents home. That shop is Gryphon Stringed Instruments! Partial, yeah, I am...

Gryphon Strings from Mike Collins on Vimeo.

The stringed instrument selection is unparalleled. Repair capability is revolutionary. Go see for yourself!

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