Monday, February 20, 2012

Guitar Play Along's - - They help you learn!

A solution to this abysmal dilemma is the Hal Leonard Guitar play-along tracks.

That's right! The series provides you with the guitar sheet music in both musical notation and guitar tablature.
You too can learn the diabolical fire laced riffs of guitar maniacs like Greg Koch - If you dare!

But wait - There is more - Ah and does the name Van Halen ring a bell, stir your soup, cook your bacon???? Well, Hal doesn't have the Van Halen brothers - He has David Lee Roth and that collection includes back up tracks that will get you moving!

You can find these collections at AMAZON or Hal Leonard!

I've used Jamey Aebersold for years for JAZZ for years and it's the bee's knee's and facilitates learning at a faster pace while training the ear and keeping great time!

Lastly, I also recommend Alfreds sheet music and play alongs!

Playing music with other musicians is one of the greatest joys of life. But you need to know the language in order to communicate. These tools mentioned above provide you with premier musicians that you can play along with and you can also determine the meter. PLUS - learning this way is a lot of fun - Not as fun as playing in a band but you also can count on the music being there and on time!

Try it - You'll like it!

Check out the JEFF BECK play along!

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