Monday, April 9, 2012

The Musical Mojo and Voodoo of the San Francisco Bay Area

Here at the guitar snobs den of ill repute we often get into long discussions about who's got "it" and what "it" is...
Some people have "it," and some people would like to have "it," but not everyone is - It. Just because you are popular, well, those here at guitar snob den might not think you are, uh  - it! Ya'll might be popular because one person with a lot influence thinks you are it and does their best to impress the masses that their interpretation of -it, is the ultimate testament of good taste. Do you follow me here? See, what we call "it" goes to the core of the being, to the heart of the matter, to the center of their soul. One example; BB King can play one note in one moment of time that tells the story of the creation of the cosmos. Safe to say, if Sheldon Cooper could draw the mathematical equation detailing the subtleties of one note played by BB King, he would need to account for the stratospheric ambiance and esoteric existence of BB King in time and space. The task would be insurmountable in terms of existential time and formulaic data would span the distance between the earth and moon.

Therefore, having it or not, can be as little as the difference between 0 and 1, or be so great to mean the difference between non-existence to existence. IT, that is............

The San Francisco Bay area has the thing we call - IT. This Mojo or power can be acquired by those who are susceptible and impressionable. The evidence is capacious.

Not in order of importance:
Jerry Garcia
Carlos Santana
Chris Cain
Michael Hedges
Tommy Castro
Mimi Fox
Vince Guaraldi
Tuck Andress
Bruce Foremam
Mike Davis - who is Joe Davis's son - Joe Davis was one of my favorite Professors!
Steve Miller
Huey Lewis
Johnny Mathis
Neal Shon
Jello Biafra
John Raymond Pepperell - East Bay Ray!
Nikki Sixx
Greg Camp - Smash Mouth
Steve Hartwell - Smash Mouth
Doobie Brothers
Lindsey Buckingham

That is just a small sample.

Could there be paranormal phenomena here, Jedi mind trick, or is it simply a statistic based on the artistic outpouring born by contempt, then cross pollinated by the intimacy of the human condition? You decide!

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