Friday, April 13, 2012

Talking Guitars - Informative book!

I just picked up a book that is very interesting and I thought some of you might like it. It is called, Talking Guitars! Once reading it I discovered that the author also has his own blog page. You can get to David Meads page by clicking on this link. I saw many quotable meandering while reading this book, one such quote was as simple as it is complex. "How we do one small thing, like hold a pick, is how we do all the small things that we do, because our approach to that small thing is the approach to another small thing. And all those small things taken together is how we live our life. If someone comes to you or me, or someone else for guitar lessons and they say, 'come on then, show me how to hold a pick,' what they are actually saying is, 'show me how to lead my life,' But, that's often not what they believe is the question that is being asked..." Robert Fripp. Taken from Talking Guitars by David Mead., published by Sanctuary, ISBN:1-8600620-9, $14.99 USA.

The book goes into detail what it's like to try to write about guitarists, the musicians frustrations and rewards. There is a lot of background information about how many great players like David Gilmour, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, Hank Marvin, Robert Fripp, and more got started playing. My one complaint, where is Brian Setzer? That was a big oversight but I guess the book is focused on "rock guitarist," maybe there will be a revision!? The book simple is a nice collection of interesting interviews of some of the finest players we've been lucky enough to hear. Amazon link!

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