Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter NAMM January 24 - 27, 2013

The winter  NAMM show is just around the corner. I am certainly looking forward to this event as we have a lot of peripheral technology that been released this past year. I have experienced that when huge companies like APPLE and GOOGLE make technology releases - all of the surrounding technological industries try to innovate and evolve. Just to name a few, there has been tremendous innovation in sonogram technology in the medical fields, hand/cell/pad technology is quickly replacing the PC as a technology beacon. Based on the ubiquitous gains in technology, I am very optimistic in the advances of music technology. NAMM is one of the few places on earth whether new products - viable and not are shown in full regalia and openly demonstrated for potential market suitors.

The NAMM convention isn't open to the general public but there are many sites like mine who keep track and inform the general public about new products and exciting technology. Badge registration link here!
As much as I love new technology I also love retro technology. Sometimes, the quickest point to success is by using tried and true technology. Old ribbon microphones, analog tape decks and yes - I said tape!

This year's convention will also feature the debut of the new outdoor Anaheim Grand Plaza. The show offers the buyers customized training, development sessions, and educational opportunities for music industry professionals. Lastly, there is always some sort of event taking place but here is a link to some of the organized performances - LINK!

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