Sunday, July 4, 2010

JImmy Vaughan Interview - GuitarEdge's Jason Shadrick

Oh man you have got to be kidding me! Listen, Jimmy is too cool for school. First, he digs classic cars and hot rods. Second, has learned how to hit one note on the guitar and make us all wish we could play like him, and furthermore he's Stevie's older brother. I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to conversation with Jimmy Vaughan. Cars, guitars,boats and music in general.... Guitar Edge's Jason Shadrick asks Jimmy who his influences might be and Jimmy gives us the run down. If it was me interviewing, the interview would have not ended until we covered hot rods, guitars and the all encompassing music of the blues.

Jimmy Vaughan's put in his time, you can hear it and see it. In addition, he isn't finished learning about the guitar or music theory and openly admits he is still learning. Jimmy is honest about where his licks originate. The interview is great and has more depth than meets the ear. Lastly, we are all students of the guitar, music theory, being ignorant is not cool. The education ends when our hearts stop beating. Above all, keep practicing and never say you know it all! Stay at home and practice or stay at home!

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