Monday, August 11, 2014

The incredibly sad news of Robin Williams

San Francisco comedian, actor, genius is no longer with us; Robin Williams was found dead in his Tiberon  home Monday, 08/11/2014. This is very sad news. There are no words. :(

I'll miss Robin Williams. Rest in peace Robin.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Have you heard?????

I'd like to convey that I post on this blog for amusement and to help guitarists expand their musical listening skills. Listening is important as practicing from my perspective. Over the past 20 years the mp3 have cheated our ears. Television technology has grown by the order of a magnitude (and we've bought new TV's) while audio equipment has devolved to thin mp3's with poor audio. It's sad that we can see a clearer picture but we cannot hear the compressed music and be able to differentiate poor quality from clear and rich audio. We've become conditioned to accept crap sound on our laptops and this poor sound isn't even a concern to most. I think we should be concerned with increasing audio quality. We've allow it to be repackaged for convenience but we've done nothing to enhance the reproduction of sound. The last major audio break through was done by  Ray Dolby. This lack of study towards the advance of audio for listening purposes vs stripping the audio for packaging is simply unacceptable in my view.

 Honestly, when was the last time you complained about the quality of a recording? You haven't complained but you haven't learned what is good sound verses what is poor quality. To curb this trend we really need to bring back music programs, starting at grade school through K12 in order to curb this trend. If we don't then one day we could be listening to our music through plumbing pipes. Stop the devolution of music! Be aware!


Listening Post - What is inspiring me this week?

Two well used guitars....
That is Los Angeles in the background 

Well well.... Thank you so much for spending time reading my list of what I am listening to "this week," as I know you have plenty of important things to do with your time. For me, July went by fast, I spent a little bit of time traveling and the music I heard or wanted to hear was more wacko than usual. So lets's look at some artists I've been listening to! As usual, in no particular order but rather in a random stream of consciousness.

  • Mimi Fox - Mimi's playing is really really good. If she stays on track I'd say she is one of the best. If you like jazz-bebop - hardbop - then spin her music!
  • The Doors - As a punky kid I loved The Beatles, but I also loved The Doors. I remember the first time I heard "Light my fire." I bought the album and still have that album many years later! I think Jim was a genius and the band was great! Listen to Morrison Hotel, The Doors!
  • Johnny Winter - For the last year I was on a Johnny Winter kick. I will be the first to admit that I hadn't listened for years! I saw a interview with a sober Johnny and thought that he was cool and when I heard him play I needed to know more about his history. Seek out Johnny because he did a lot more than kick ass on the guitar. I was traveling when I got a text that Johnny died in Germany, that broke my heart. Listen to Dallas, Leland Mississippi blues, Mean town blues and you'll become a fan too. RIP Johnny!!!!
  • Surf Music - Various bands - I love Surf music and I saw way too many bands to list.
  • Metallica - I broke out my old CD's ...and justice for all and the Black album. They don't need introduction... Any nobody got time for that! I just got a hankering after listening to Lemmy Kilmister which leads me to....
  • Motorhead - We're Motorhead and we play rock and roll! F*ck ewe! Lemmy is one in a billion and hardcore as ever but a little more sober these days. Listen to them and you better like them you c*nt! Damage case has proper lyrics and it a banging song!
  • Walter Trout - Get better Walter! Blistering licks... I fear that each time I hear Walter play that his guitar will suddenly go up in flames due to spontaneous combustion as he works the strings over like he is trying to start a fire in a torrential rain storm. Listen to Come Home, How much do you want.
  • Oz Noy - If you don't know who Oz is then you must live under a rock. Crawl out and check out Twisted Blues volume 1 & volume 2.
  • Carl Verheyen - Shhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone. Carl knows guitar secrets and he shares them. If you can sit still and practice, you too can play just like Carl. But, "How well does Carl play" you might think to yourself.... Remarkably well and he teaches. You have heard more Carl than you realize. Dig in bucko!
  • John 5 - Chicken pickin, rip your head off shredding (cannot believe I am writing this) and blood curdling power chords... Try and find something bad because even his wrong notes sound correct.
  • Charlie Parker - I love playing Parker. One of my all time favorite musicians ever! Working through Yardbird suite. I always try to learn a new Parker head or go back and practice more. Stay at home and practice or stay at home!
  • Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk. Revisiting this song as well. I never grow tired of practicing jazz.
  • Clifford Brown - Joy Spring. I once heard it said that "If, is the middle word in life." Therefore, I believe that IF Clifford Brown wasn't killed in a car wreck, we still have Miles Davis and his genius but Miles might have been even further challenged by Clifford. Clifford was amazing and he died very young. This argument is just my opinion (and pointless) but call it intuition. Keep in mind that Clifford was 25 when he was killed.

I hope to review the following albums soon: Eric Claptons tribute to JJ Cale, Imelda May, and Johnny Winter's new albums.

If you made to this part of this post! You're the best!!!