Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Johnny 5 - A Telecaster nut

I've heard some goofy cheesy music. This isn't goofy or cheesy as Johnny could probably play anything he wants. Those that think he's limited in skill, ya'll better think again as this guy is great and his bag of tricks is seemingly endless. I think he's spent many hours in the woodshed.... Here he shows us why "time" is important. Simple but precise picking coupled to excellent rhythm.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Walter Trout on the road again! The road to recovery!

It was touch and go for way too long. On May 26th, Walter underwent surgery to receive a donor liver. His life has been saved by another human who was self conscience enough to place themselves on the organ donor list in case of their untimely demise. Because of that gift, Walter Trout should be able to soon live a normal life for the remaining days of his life.

As a fan, it was hard to see Walter's pictures that showed his ill nature. But at the same time his status wasn't candy coated and it made many people see the grim reality that could face anyone. It reminds us of the importance of filling out the donor card at the DMV. Your gift is yourself.

I am sure recovery will not be easy at first but considering how hard Walter had to fight to stay alive, this new battle will be one where Walter will be able to face with a certainty that perseverance and strong will can overcome the obstacles.

This is all long awaited fantastic news! Get well Walter!

Happy 99th Birthday Les Paul !

If Les Paul was alive today he would be 99 years old. Les Paul was born Lester William Polsfuss otherwise known a Les Paul. Les Paul is famous for many things but probably the most common association is with a Guitar, a namesake guitar called "Les Paul," which he help design and he endorsed until his death.

We miss you Les! Hope you are playing with all the greats!

Les Paul: The search for new sound!