Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Rosetta Nubin) - Born 3/20/1915

Happy Birthday to The Godmother of Rock and roll who was born today 99 years ago. Whew! Seems like yesterday to some people. Part sermon, part gospel, part rock and roll. Rosetta was immensely popular and successful. Go to the biography channel to read up on her life. By all means watch her biography if you have the chance. Or check out wiki here.

Rosetta must have known guitars well as I've never seen a picture where she was holder a inferior instrument. I think she might have been able to run circles around some guitar aficionados.

Sadly, diabetes took Rosetta at an early age of 58.

She certainly played expensive guitars! Here she plays a 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top.
You need to check out songs like; This train, It didn't rain to name a few. See here playing a 1963 Les Paul Custom.
Happy Birthday Rosetta!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Listening post - What is inspiring me this week?

What inspiring music am I listening to this week? Well, let me tell you! If I haven't told you before then I'll tell you now! I am all over the musical map! I have been working more on chord melody while also banging me head... Can't help it. Sound and tones are just too much fun and infinitely interesting. The fascination with music is never ending and every thing I hear is essential tuition.

So, enough of the blogger poetry. What is spinning on my player?

Queens of the Stone age - Like clockwork! This is beyond description. Sortof progpunkbluesfolkmetal!
Queens of the Stone age - Songs for the Deaf! See above
Eric Clapton - From the Cradle - Eric's version of a lot of old blues.
Buddy Guy - Rhythm and Blues. Fun fun fun with lots of guest. Buddy plays fast!
Duff Mckagan's Loaded  - Dunno if Duff realizes that he is a game changer?!
The Beatles  - "Re-release" Yellow Submarine, With the Beatles, Beatles - Past masters, Hey Jude, and Help! - It's THE BEATLES FOR GOD SAKE!
North Mississippi Allstars - World Boogie is coming! Some of the best musicians around.
Wes Montgomery - Smokin at the Half note! Buy it. This album is a classic. Just like Kind of blue by Miles Davis.
The Eagles - Yep, these guys make hits and the girls love their music! Besides - Joe Walsh is in the band!
Neil Young - Neil could hang it up and rest in our historical collections but he has brass balls and is going to fight injustice and bad tone! Go Pono!
Bill Monroe - They said he died but his music is immortal and Blue Grass has some of the fastest pickers ever.
John Mayer - Born and Raised. I didn't want to like this album but I surrender! Though he fights hard to be a huge DB there is no denying his talent. But John, ghetto passes aren't transferable.
The Stooges - I can't lie. The sudden death of Scott Asheton inspired me. I love Search and Destroy. But you really need to view Iggy Pop and the Stooges at Austin City Limits!

RIP -Scott Asheton!
The Bang Girl Group Review - I got their first album. Totally reminds me of Motown. Check them out!

The Rides - Can't get enough - And I can't. This a great album. Steven Stills shows why he is badass and Kenny Wayne Shepherd absolutely slays Muddy Waters - Honey Bee.

Blues Breakers John Mayall with Eric Clapton - Classic album. If you play guitar you need to listen.

Paul Butterfield Blues band - Michael Bloomfield rips it up. Another tragic loss..

Now. Shut up and play your guitar!

Buying Guitars; take your pick!

Finding a inexpensive, well made, rare wood guitar is no longer possible and similar to finding the perfect wife/husband - Smart, Good looking, rich - pick two! So pick two and consider yourself lucky if you obtain those objective: well made, rare wood is fine BUT you can bet the instrument will not be inexpensive!!!! That is no longer possible with the economics of modern instruments where the production cost, material cost, shipment cost, and other untold miasma controls the end product of a fine instrument.

On a positive note; low cost guitars are well made and help students advance quickly.

On a personal note: my parents wouldn't buy me a good guitar until I proved that I was interested and that this hobby wasn't just another one of my brief learning experiences. I received a classical guitar for Christmas and was given lessons. It was my responsibility to practice and take care of my instrument. Obviously I am still smitten with the instrument.

Walter Trout Needs a New Liver!

** Update: Walter received a transplant. He is doing better but he was seriously ill; recovery is slow, complicated, and just plain tough. Please put some positive thoughts out to Walter as he fights his way back to good health. Thank you for reading this post and doing what you can! 

Most working musicians do not have health insurance. Most. However, Walter Trout does have health insurance but due to his the nature of his illness he cannot work and his insurance will not cover all the costs of recovery. He cannot tour currently so he hasn't any income but while he is in the hospital - money is being drained from his family. He needs the musical community to help. I don't know Walter but I doubt he would ask for help but if he doesn't get help then the music will stop and a lot of people will suffer. I am donating what I can and you might want to do a good deed and throw down some cash yourself!
I think most of us do not think about our own mortality until it's too late but when you get sick, the bills, collectors show up before you are out of the hospital. Unfortunately, health is a business just like show business. The hospital is a great place to leave but facing ever mounting bills sucks.

Please donate! Go here to donate!

Thank You!