Friday, July 29, 2011

Leslie West returns to rock following partial leg amputation

It's no secret that Diabetes sucks. We all have friends who suffer from this dreaded disease. Well, your friend Leslie West who whether you realize it or not - Has seriously affected the way you play your guitar. Leslie was in the band Mountain; they had a hit called Mississippi Queen, a rancorous tune with huge hooks, that sprung them to the top of the bill board. With this success Mountain toured the world and guess who got a break in to the industry by opening the show for Mountain? ZZ Top, that's right Reverend Billy G and his partners might not be giving us Sharp Dressed men the songs we now have and love. Why, because it all starts somewhere and we all must pay homage to those who pave the way for all musicians.

Leslie will make his first public appearance at the Rock and Roll fantasy camp in New York. If you have never heard Leslie West - Look him up on Youtube. You will be a better player for it! If you have never heard of the Rock and Roll fantasy camps - Click here!!!!!

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