Sunday, July 28, 2013

RIP JJ Cale - Sad news!

I wouldn't have learned about JJ Cale if it wasn't for Eric Clapton and Lynyrd Skynyrd, JJ would have been anonymous. But that is part of his mystique and appeal because in reality he was a guitar picker that decided that writing songs might fare him better than his playing. Therefore, many people are JJ Cale fans while not even knowing his name but that didn't bother JJ Cale, "What is nice is when you get the check in the mail." I'd say he made the right choice.  JJ Cale was very modest and just plain cool.

Condolences to the Cale family. There will never be another like JJ Cale and he will be missed!

A brief list of those who covered JJ Cale's songs:

The Allman Brothers
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Eric Clapton
Grateful Dead
Johnny Cash
The Band
Chet Atkins
Freddie King
Maria Muldaur
Captain Beefheart
Widespread Panic

Those who cite JJ Cale as a major influence:
Neil Young
Mark Knopfler
Bryan Ferry

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Billy F. Gibbons talks about the Allman Brothers

It's always nice to hear Billy Gibbons talk about his recollections of his storied past. Billy was a friend of Duane Allman and here he shares the time he first let Duane try Pearly Gates and the aftermath of that glorious meeting.

Duane Allman's Gibson Les Paul '59

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ben Miller Band

Have you heard The Ben Miller band? This band kicks some serious butt. Straight out of Joplin Missouri with some seriously deep grooves. I have been meaning to put this little blurb up sooner but life just got into my way. I love this summer camp series of videos. The band runs deep dusty grooves that will have you foot stompin' on the down beat the minute you hear them.

One day I was rooting around and I found this series of videos. I couldn't resist sharing The Ben Miller Band with my friends and everybody loved these guys. Well, I guess we weren't alone as ZZ Top picked them up as openers for the ZZ Top European Tour. Now that they are back from their European debut,  I hope that these guys get out to the west coast. Check out their video and support these guys.

Here they are play

Ben Miller band interviewed by Kix Brooks-radio