Friday, September 27, 2013

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

It seems to be a popular contest of who is better. Is The Beatles or the Rolling Stones the best group. If you choose just the studio albums then The Rolling Stones have The Beatles beat by 2 albums with a total of 29. The Rolling Stones also lead by a large margin with 109 singles compared to The Beatles with a mere 55. But, who's counting? I find it ironic that The Rolling Stones have a bad boy reputation when they hail from the suburbs of London while the Beatles come from a industrial roughneck town of Liverpool. Frankly, I doubt too many people saw either members of these bands in street brawls or caged death matches. Nevertheless, we the public in our infinite wisdom must find a reason to compare. The truth is neither are "the best." The are both very popular but that doesn't mean either is the best. For example, Miley Cryus and Justin Beiber are popular but best only applies in terms of marketability. Sorry to mention those two on here... I'll refrain! :)

Beatles - it wasn't always a contentful relationship for them!

Tom Jones has a funny story about The Beatles

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