Thursday, December 17, 2009

DigiDesign Eleven

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Will this replace your current rig? This rack mount unit contains numerous effects as well as amplification simulation. I love my tube amps but lets look at it this way; the telephone took almost 50 years to perfect, the cell took roughly phone ten years. As an example of the technology paradigm shift rate; it took almost 40 years for the Telephone to reach significant levels of usage. In comparison it has taken only a decade for the Cell phone to reach the same levels. At this rate; technology doubles every decade and with this trend; 20 years of the 21 century will equate to 200 centuries of progress on a linear scale (at the rate of progress measured in 2000). I derive my rough hypothesis from Moore's law (Intel).

Sorry to say that one day my beloved Tube amp will make an excellent flower pot! Will the Eleven drive your tube amplifier into extinction? Find one and test it out.

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