Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Hot Chili Peppers have a new guitarist

John Frusciante's out of the band. Getting the detail straight from the horses mouth is probably the best way to find out. If you click on John's name you will be directed to his site. For me I have mixed emotions about the change in the line up. I am elated to see that John is moving on because he is conscience of his musical and artistic growth. Without such growth we would have never been able to experience the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their epic shows.

John has grown as a human. I remember watching John in a video (disturbing video - beware)

whilst in the grip of heroin addiction and it simply made me think and realize just how much control drugs have on people. Drugs delude the user and I think ultimately John discovered this before his story became fatalistically tragic.

One only has to listen to RHCP's Stadium Arcadium to hear Frusciante and his band mates wealth of talent.

On John's website he laments the fact that there was, "No drama or anger involved," and that is a good thing! Nobody benefits from bitterness and in fact it consumes the vessel in which it is contained.Who will take John's place?

The new guitarist is a friend of Frusciante's - Josh Klinghoffer. Frusciante has been a very prolific artist and Josh Klinghoffer has appeared on a few of John's albums. Rarely do we get the opportunity to view the painful downward mobility of a fellow human only to see them rise from the abyss like a phoenix to brighten and enlighten us to the real potential of love, life and spirit.

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