Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greatest Guitarist of all time? Vote now

Gibson wants to know who you think is the greatest guitarist of all time. Certainly, I find if difficult to name one player that is the ultimate guitarist. I tend to break them up to styles and genres. It's also a mood thing for me, for if I just listened to a LP of the Miles Davis trio, I might think forward to players like Herb Ellis or Kenny Burrell for their mastery. I think it's probably better for me to name my favorite guitarist for the day or hour. For I would need to live forever in order to determine who is the greatest guitarist of all time.

Go to and vote. Votes must be received by May 15, 2010

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Paul Lenihan said...

Hide (Hideto Matsumoto), is hands down the greatest guitarist of all time. Known as the guitarist of X Japan, the leader of a very succesful solo career and an icon, sadly in the west he is rarely heard of. Just because he's not white doesn't mean he's not great... in the west we tend to be very ignorant about guitar in the world spectrum. Hide can improvise circles around slash, bursts with passion like jimmy page and jimi hendrix combined and writes songs like no one before or after him. Every song from X Japan through his solo career sounds completely diffrent and through out his career he pioneered and mastered every genre while infusing it with his own style and precision. Hide will forever be the king of guitar. Key Tracks (X-Japan): "Silent Jealousy" "Blue Blood" "Kurenai" "Endless Rain" "Weekend" and "Art of Life" Key Tracks (Solo Career): "Pink Spider" "Hi-Ho" "LEMONed I Scream" "Psyence" "Beauty and Stupid".... to name a few. Hide isn't dead... god just need guitar lessons.

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