Monday, September 12, 2011

The New Jimmy Page Website (July 2011)

Create an account and follow Jimmy's accounts of Led Zeppelin and his other musical interests!
The site is really fantastic because it's entries are conceptualized and curated by Jimmy. It features a daily diary, where each anecdote of Jimmy's is available for 24 hours and there will be NO archiving. Once the entry has completed it's 24 hour viewing period - it's gone! All of the entries span Jimmy's entire career before, during and after Led Zeppelin and onto the present.
One of Jimmy's excerpts - 


On this day in 1971, I played with Led Zeppelin at the Berkeley Community Theatre and the seated, uni-like audience seemed pretty non-plussed. It wasn't a very good communion that night. Maybe that evening they: a) were contaminated by the negative press we had continually received from the locally-based Rolling Stone; b) were sitting in the remnants of the vibrant San Francisco music scene they had witnessed over the last 5 years; c) weren't receptive to new music we played - material from the unreleased Led Zeppelin IV; d) were heavily stoned, or; e) were all of the above

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