Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PrimeVibe -Guitar Seasoning

There is a new product on the market called PrimeVibe Instrument Seasoning Device. If you have ever playing an old guitar you know that a well played guitar seems to have a better feel and sometimes tone. Not to say that all old guitars play or sound well! So there is always someone out there that will try to help us gain this wondrous tone without having to wait 40 years. Enter PrimeVibe. PrimeVibe is a tool that seasons your guitar when you attach it's two transducers onto the body of the guitar for a duration usually greater than 100 hours. When attached you will notice a gentle vibration of the instrument. The PrimeVibe reminds me of the ToneRite. This is a link to an article I wrote about the ToneRite.

Attaching a quantitative analyzable value to the final tone results of these tools subjective to the listeners ear. Do the tools work? Yes. Do these tools improve tone? Only you can determine if the guitar tone has improved because it is a subjective sound description. Meanwhile, I'll stick to buying well made instruments, trusting time, and my ear. Sure is fun testing though!

For those interested in further reading on this subject - click anywhere on this sentence.

Interesting data based on health monitoring of a composite plate.

Tools - National Instruments.

Link to Primevibe @ facebook


Debra Romeyn said...

Thank you for mentioning primeVibe! We appreciate you!

Debra Romeyn
manager of primeVibe

Debra Romeyn / manager primeVibe said...

Dear Scott, Thank you for mentioning primeVibe. We appreciate it and you for your time and effort. We're a small company and so every mention, sale, discussion about primeVibe helps immensely! I would very much appreciate it if people would see us on Facebook. Facebook is great because people can read unsolicited reviews and many of our customers send us pictures and allow us to post them on Facebook, so musicians can see the various applications on the actual instruments. In fact Jim and I have never paid for professional photographs...we always use ones supplied by our designer while we were in the process of designing the kit or by our great customers.

All the best to you and have a great year in 2012!

Scott said...

Hi Debra, Thank You! I updated my post to include links to Primevibes' Facebook page. All the best, Scott

Debra Romeyn said...

Scott!! I just saw this post and today is Sept. 18th 2013! So much for Google Alerts :)) Thank you for including links to our FB page!! I'm sure folks have visited our FB page from those links!

I would like to be a little bold here and add that a wonderful writer from online musician's magazine Xombiewoof interviewed my husband Jimbo and here is a link to that article.

Thanks again and we wish you good times and much success with all your endeavors!!


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