Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Elvis Presley - The King!

This man needs no introduction. Elvis Presley would be 78 years old if he were alive today. Elvis had a great great timing and a great voice. He appealed to men and women because he was cool and got all the chicks - All the chicks!!! In a recent interview with David Letterman, Led Zeppelin boasted about meeting Elvis. During that interview, Robert Plant said that meeting Elvis had the band over the moon and "Elvis had a lot of chick's!" Oh yeah! Let's see, Led Zeppelin sold out the O2 arena in minutes. They had 20 million requests for tickets but only a lucky few got in to see the band. Now, imagine if Elvis was still alive! How many tickets would THE KING sell?  I shudder to ponder the numbers.... Happy Birthday Elvis!

Lesson on how to play Mystery Train! Magic gold foil pickup Kay guitar used!

Brian Setzer.... owes a little to Elvis!

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