Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed RIP

The world has lost another Rock and Roll pioneer who lived life on his own terms, created art on his own terms, and was his own man. Weary of writing about musicians who have passed away this year; I decided to limit my posts regarding recently deceased musicians. However, Lou's passing is just too abrupt and sad to ignore; therefore I'll make an exception with this post. Lou Reed's death isn't easy to write about for me because I remember being a little kid who listened to "walk on the wild side," which to me had the coolest bass lines. That memory is hard coded into my brain. This was how Lou worked, his art, it hit hard or soft but it stuck to my mind and obviously that phenomenon isn't limited to just one person.

Walk on the wild side was just one of Lou's often misinterpreted songs. What the song means is personal and for you to decide. As usual, we take people for granted until they are no longer at arms length. Live each day to it's fullest.

Lou was original, Lou, RIP

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