Sunday, August 10, 2014

Have you heard?????

I'd like to convey that I post on this blog for amusement and to help guitarists expand their musical listening skills. Listening is important as practicing from my perspective. Over the past 20 years the mp3 have cheated our ears. Television technology has grown by the order of a magnitude (and we've bought new TV's) while audio equipment has devolved to thin mp3's with poor audio. It's sad that we can see a clearer picture but we cannot hear the compressed music and be able to differentiate poor quality from clear and rich audio. We've become conditioned to accept crap sound on our laptops and this poor sound isn't even a concern to most. I think we should be concerned with increasing audio quality. We've allow it to be repackaged for convenience but we've done nothing to enhance the reproduction of sound. The last major audio break through was done by  Ray Dolby. This lack of study towards the advance of audio for listening purposes vs stripping the audio for packaging is simply unacceptable in my view.

 Honestly, when was the last time you complained about the quality of a recording? You haven't complained but you haven't learned what is good sound verses what is poor quality. To curb this trend we really need to bring back music programs, starting at grade school through K12 in order to curb this trend. If we don't then one day we could be listening to our music through plumbing pipes. Stop the devolution of music! Be aware!


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