Monday, May 25, 2015

Dirty Guitars?

Do you play your guitar after: rebuilding a car engine, eating a plate of baby back ribs, just finished tarring a roof, cleaning out a restaurant grease pit? If so; your guitar might hate you! Some people just play when the mood strikes and that is fine but it might be nice if ya'll wash your hands before spending a few hours playing your instrument. Contrary to what some people believe, the grease, grit, grime actually doesn't do much good for any guitar but it might keep your friends away from it. Despite what you might think, a thick coat of buggers on the guitar neck doesn't facilitate speedy picking!

The binding on the neck has been clean - Look at the binding on the body! Yuck! Check the buggered up neck!!!

Do ya smoke when playing?  Smoking tobacco does wonders for the guitar finish and smell as well! Nothing like a guitar under your chin that smells like an ashtray that sat at dive Las Vegas bar for 50 years. No spittoon? Why not use the sound hole on any old acoustic guitar? Seriously now, do you really want your guitar to have emphysema?
Look here, hope this players teeth aren't this yellow! 

This yellow will wipe off with a paper towel and simple cleaner or Naphtha. 

The following is a perfect example of a grimy fingerboard
Prevent build up by cleaning the fretboard when changing strings

Maybe its a badge of honor or a way to prevent other people from using your buggered up guitar?

Clean fret boards play faster in my opinion

Dirt, sweat, dead skin, buggers, etc... Clean it or pay $$$$

I use formula 409 or Naphtha (use gloves with Naphtha or you will burn your hands) to clean off grime build up. Afterwards you can apply water or distilled water to a soft cotton cloth to wipe down the instrument. After the instrument has dried you can polish it with your favorite none silicone cleaner.

Most players like the vintage patina of an old instrument but allowing dirt build up is not good for anything. If you are sweaty Eddie, wipe your instrument down before you put it away cowboy. Take pride in your instrument or pay the price.

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