Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Award's 2012

The Grammys actually caught my attention for a change and I managed to watch the entire show. There could be a few reason's for this: the show was great, Whitney Houston died the day before the show, the prevalence of Chris Brown, Paul McCartney's presence, or I had nothing better to do? Whitney's death was not the catalyst for me and nor was the prevalence of Chris Brown. Indeed, I have far more important things to do and therefore the production of this years Grammy event and Paul McCartney must have been the reason I stayed glued to the couch and TV.

I don't understand the prevalence of Chris Brown and wonder why they would put him on stage? I have a problem with a man who beat's women yet is celebrated by the music industry! In fact, the term, "I would let Chris Brown beat me" actually trended on Twitter is deplorable. The misogynistic themes in music need to change. Featuring Chris Brown IS tasteless and irresponsible. Sure, I could have changed the channel but then that would be tantamount to looking away from an injustice and I can't do that. I'd like to see less Chris Brown and more acts featuring talented nonviolent people. In addition, the fact that "who is Paul McCartney," trended on Twitter and that people don't know who the Fab Four were and this is disconcerting.

Overall, it was a fun show. Paul McCartney (The Beatles) played the back side of Abby Road and who cares if his voice cracked - He was superb! Having The Boss, Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl, and Paul all up on stage jamming was more than memorable - it was FUN and the Grammy's haven't been this fun since Jeff Beck's and Imelda May's tribute to Les Paul and Mary Ford in 2010. Also, The Foo Fighters rocked! Jennifer Hudson showcased her outstanding voice kicking our collective butts. Adele made it all very human when she quipped that "Oh, I got a bit of snot." All said, production of the 54th Grammys must have a predicament to put together a Whitney Houston tribute while while not ruining the night by make it all about her passing.

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