Saturday, February 18, 2012

Other Guitar blogs I follow.......

I heart Guitar - is a excellent blog with tons of information that is useful to pro's and bedroom rockers alike! I Heart Guitar is updated often and well written. But wait! There's more!!! Martin Edwards Luthier blog gives you step by step details on building acoustic instruments.

Do you like guitars from the 60's era? Check out this link!! Guitars-a-GO-GO!

Falling asleep at the keyboard? Wake up! Check out TONE FIEND. Tone Fiend is written by Joe Gore who is a local musician (San Francisco) who has recorded with Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Les Claypool among other great artists. Got Jazz? How about The JAZZ GUITARIST BLOG? Or Victor Baker a consummate guitarist and luthier - you can buy his music or his guitars!

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