Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glued in Guitar necks and screwed in Guitar necks?

Leo Fender really made screw in (bolt-on) necks popular and he had a prudent reason for applying this method of application. With most designs work to make our life better. The best make something that looks like it wasn't really designed at all because it's inevitable. Poor design often mistakenly focus on profit where profit is the primary motivating factor. With a glued (set in) in neck; any failure down the production line might require scrapping the entire instrument and that would be irresponsible and timely in terms of production loss. With a bolt on neck; any problem occurring later in production would only mean a rework of the neck or replacement of the neck. In terms of time and money - Bolt on because a huge advantage.

Some people claim that glued in necks in the traditional violin style greatly enhances string sustain. Any fixture as long as it is ridged will allow sustain while density can remove vibration energy according to the resonance frequency spectrum. That said, you should still pick the guitar by how you it sounds and feels to you and not wholly based on engineering data. There still is magic and I wouldn't want to remove the romantic experience of the purchase of a favorite instrument.

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