Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jimmy Page - One of my favorite guitarists

One of my favorite guitar slingers of all time is Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page's music has the sophistication which commands my interest and challenge my senses.
Gibson certainly needs to thank Joe Walsh for selling a Les Paul to Jimmy because the guitar is an epic icon for Gibson guitars. How many people have studied the guitar that Jimmy plays? Have you tried to find the voodoo switch or mojo knob that places that guitar into a meteoric stream of guitar irrationality? The mysticism of Jimmy Page goes beyond the outer limits of the world as we know it.

Prior to the Les Paul guitar, Jimmy played a 1959 Fender Telecaster that Jimmy inherited from Jeff Beck. Jeff left the guitar behind when he left the Yardbirds. Jimmy stripped off the blonde finish and repainted the guitar and put a green, red, and orange dragon image on the front. The Fender Telecaster was used until April 1969 which is when the Les Paul was acquired.

Nevertheless, no matter which guitar Jimmy holds in his hands. He seems to have a certain knack for inventing sounds and music that we all seem to enjoy so well!

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