Friday, May 25, 2012

What is your favorite brand of guitar?

The poll for your favorite brand of guitar is over and Gibson took 1st place and 40% of the votes; Fender taking second play with 33%. The more interesting results comes from the other category which consumed 26% off the results and a resounding 3rd place. This tells me there are some readers out there that weren't represented. Were those votes for Taylor, Martin, Guild, Breedlove, Collings or some other brand? I don't know because obviously my poll was flawed. The next poll asks, "What is for your favorite brand of strings ?" I have a wider array of samples for the strings pool, now let's hope the results do end up with a flat distribution due to the large number of choices.

Thank you to all that voted. If you have a suggestion for a future poll - Please make a suggestion in the comment section!

Right on, thanks for the participation! Now check out the newest poll before it closes!

...and please don't smoke cigarettes. "Smoke" on your guitar!

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