Friday, May 18, 2012

Warren Haynes

I have been listening to brother Haynes for a number of years. I've watched his meteoric rise among guitarists to the top of the heap. Warren Haynes played with David Allen Coe when he was 20 years old which helped him get his feet wet learning about the road and touring. Something must have clicked because where so many musicians bow to the excessive nature of the music industry, Warren stayed the course and constantly evolved.

Here he is with Derek Trucks playing "old friend," from The Allman Brothers Bank - Live at the Beacon theater.

While other musicians seem to loath the road, Warren is more often on the road than home. I don't know who is in charge of his traveling logistics but I think it would be safe to say that whoever books his travel must have the patience of an angel. If you hit Warren Haynes web page you can witness about a third of what he has going on in regards to events. Keep in mind, Warren plays in his own Warren Haynes band, Gov't Mule, The Allman Brothers Band, and Phil Lesh's - The Dead. However short that list is seen, he is also know to show up for The Great Southern Band, Dave Matthews, and David Allen Coe. Does this guy ever rest?

This song played by Joe Bonamassa was written by Warren Haynes - If heartache was nickels.....

Warren is a first rate picker. At home with an acoustic or electric guitar. Most often seen with one of three Gibson guitars - Les Paul (signature model and Standard 58 reissue), Fire-bird III, ES 335 (1967 & 1989 '59 reissue). He also uses a D'Angelico Vestax New Yorker and he's been seen using an occasional Fender here and there. With the versatility that Warren exudes; it would be safe to assume that any guitar Warren picks up will immediately sound like Warren Haynes.

Here is a link to Warren's biography - well worth reading if you like his music!

This is a link to Warren's gear - from the horses mouth to you!

I digress, why do people come to shows to talk? That is sort of a pet peeve of mine. Nobody I am with will talk unless there is a break. However, people pay good money to talk at shows which is a waste of their money and rude to others who aren't interested in hearing background noise during a public event. Off my soap box!

If you don't own a Gov't Mule album or at the very minimum Warren Haynes at Bonneroo - Live at Bonnaroo - Buy it here!!!!!!!!!!! 

You cannot learn about playing the guitar without learning who Warren Haynes is and what he is about! Check him out and you will not be sorry!!

Lastly, if you aren't an Allman Brothers fan - become one! Warren is epic!

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