Monday, May 21, 2012

The Greatest Guitar Booster Effect of all Time!

Some pedals offer you the sun, the moon and earth - All in one package. This pedal will boost your distortion, decrease noise, increase sustain, give shimmering highs, distinct mid range, dark thick lows while operating by battery, AC, and solar power. It's components are all Pre-CBS! Its better than thick or thin picks, vintage batteries, uni-directional guitar (leads) cords, new Tubes and it's hand wired to bolster this already robust unit. Buying this pedal will increase your talent a minimum of 10x. You can turn down the EGO knob in order to increase your TALENT, decreasing your TALENT knob will allow maximum CHOPS and all of these adjustments work independently. TALENT is adjustable from "garage to stadium," EGO settings range from "minimum to huge," CHOPS can be set from "wank to shred," Tone allows adjustment from "suck to scream," - No doubt the TALENT BOOSTER PEDAL rocks!

You can get this pedal by contacting this site comment section:
Accounts payable - Imelda Czechs
Staff Promotional Director - Anita Buttkiss
Official Spokesperson - Lou Scannon
Sales Director - Aziz Nowarrenty
Shop Foreman - Luke Bizzy
Repair Cost Consultant - Bill M. Moore
Staff Mediator - Sue First
Bolt Tightener - Tilda Plierslip
Staff Archivist - Bernadette File

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