Monday, June 11, 2012

The Scorpions Final Sting!

The Scorpions came to Mountain View California and rocked the peninsula! Tesla started the night out with a rocking set with a commemoration of 26 years in the industry. However, the best was yet to come. The Scorpions (This band began in 1965 - 46 years ago) took the stage and rocked 19 songs from their extensive catalog. As one of their fans for years, I would have been more than pleased with a mixture of Tokyo Tapes, Love Drive and Animal Magnetism but the show wasn't for me exclusively (still I can't understand why not?). This was not an embarrassing resurrection of a tired washed up band, it was a tight top notch last hurrah for a classic metal band. If this is their last tour, they are going out strong. This show was fun because the audience knew all the lyrics and we all sang along to our favorite tunes.
 Photography by Rogers!
Mathias Jabs nailed every solo - this guy has been under-rated and under appreciated. Mathias had great tone that cut through the mix and the arrangements where better than what is on the records.
Photography by Rogers!

Klaus Meine's voice was strong and flawless. Klaus voice and writing is one of the reasons this band has stayed relevant for decades.

Rudolf - his brother wanted to be the best guitarist, Rudolf wanted the best band and Rudolf delivered with his trademark blistering rock solid rhythm and searing signature riffs.

Coast to coast - No lyrics - Just jamming!

James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda provided a concrete metal foundation without missing a beat (pun intended).

The Zoo - Fan Video!

If you are lucky enough to have The Scorpions heading your way then do yourself a favor, pick up some tickets, and go hear for yourself why The Scorpions are one of the best Metal band ever. And their hologram stage lighting was cool too!

The series!

This is the Scorpions set list:
Sting in the Tail
Make It Real
Is There Anybody There?
The Zoo
Coast to Coast
Loving You Sunday Morning
Wind of Change
The Best Is Yet to Come
Send Me an Angel
Raised on Rock
Tease Me Please Me
Hit Between the Eyes
Kottak Attack
Six String Sting
Big City Nights

Still Loving You
No One Like You
Rock You Like a Hurricane

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