Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Roy Buchanan one of the unknown greats

A quiet giant who never gave himself enough credit, Roy Buchanan seemed at war with an unknown demon that ultimately took him at an early age. He epitomized the guitar in one hand and amp in the other, no frills, straight forward player with a huge dog run of chops. I found this series on the Tube and thought I would share it. Shredders who are young and old can learn from Roy.  Roy was influenced by Merle Haggard, Mundel Lowe, Johnny Otis, and Roy Nichols to name a few. He probably didn't realize that his playing was a perfect amalgamation of those influences. I find it very apparent in the interviews with Roy that he was a quiet and introspective person who seemed to want to branch out and "freak out," but was reluctant to wave the proverbial freak flag. Of course that is purely speculation from my perspective but one thing that is unarguably the truth, Roy Buchanan was a monster guitar player. The list of those who have been influenced by Roy Buchanan reads like the who's who of guitar greats. Watch the video's and enjoy Roy's talent while you gain insight to his bag of tricks.

This is a link to a fine article about Roy and it's hard for me to top so rather than being redundant I'll just add this link. Check it out!

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