Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Edward Van Halen Guitar World Interview

I just finished reading the Guitar World magazine article by Chris Gill regarding Edward Van Halen. It was a in-depth interview that showed Eddie in a respectful manner and highlighted his new found energy and drive that is moving the Van Halen machine to new heights. No spoiler alert here; if you have been around rock and roll long enough to see the drama of the lifestyle, then hearing about addiction and mayhem isn't really ground breaking or earth shattering news. In this interview, Eddie talks about his sobriety but not at lengths that will disinterest most candid fans, he simple mentions that he is feeling well and doing well while moving on with his life post cancer and troubling alcohol addiction.

The most interesting parts of the interview contain statements about how Eddie has relinquished control of the band and Wolfgang is stepping up and enjoying the added responsibility of assisting in the production of the new record, daily set list and thus allowing Eddie to simply be the lead guitarist in a band - judging from Eddie's zeal in describing his new job description, he welcomes the break. If you have listened to Different Kind of Truth, then you know the guitar pyrotechnics abound and Eddie's creative sense is what made him one of the most unique players ever. It's so nice to have Eddie back!

One of the most refreshing vibes I got from the article is that Van Halen is once again a team. It was many years ago I remarked to those around me that in the Van Halen band - all the members share credit on the songs with a few exceptions. When reading the Guitar World article by Chris Gill you may also realize that Van Halen is back and undivided while poised to conquer. Another important item I gleaned from this article is that Eddie is not just Eddie; he's a brother, friend, and more importantly a proud father. Eddie mentions that during his sets he now sits down. He said he is a better player when seated and the thought of that is scary but it's also a nugget of information. If you do play standing up all the time; that is great for practice but playing while seated is in my opinion yields better posture and thus more efficient practice.

Finally, Eddie talks about Dave and how the album was recorded. They have been friends since High School. Eddie mentioned something I didn't know and I was shamefully unaware of; David Lee Roth played the opening guitar bits to the song Ice Cream Man. He also states that David Lee Roth is a decent guitar player which is certainly a compliment coming from a player as mighty as Eddie Van Halen. You really need to imagine that if Eddie says you are good, you are probably a very good player. Nice compliment I though and I also learned something new.

All in all a article worth reading and Guitar world also has the tab for Tattoo included in this issue (August 2012)
Also check out the shameless cheese cake photos at guitar world!

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