Friday, October 5, 2012

Keith Richard's In his own words - Quotations!

‎"A painter's got a canvas. The writer's got reams of empty paper. A musician has silence." - Keith Richards

"You don't have to be a fucking star. Music is something from your own heart for your own home." - Keith 

"If you've gotta think about being cool, you ain't cool." - Keith Richards, as shot by Ken Regan. 

Keith: Why is Louis Armstrong important?

What sports do you like?

What became of Blue Lena?

What is something you've only tried once?

Is there any song you'd like to record over?

Have you ever captured a song perfectly?

Do you like any Jazz guitarists?

If you could have only two guitars, one acoustic, one electric, which would you choose?

How do you choose which guitar to play?

What modifications do you make to your guitar when you play five string?

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