Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nick Curran Rockabilly Guitarist RIP

Thankfully, it's been a while since I've listed an RIP on these pages but that stretch of the road has ended with the sad announcement that Nick Curran extremely early demise to oral cancer. A savant guitarist from Maine who wasn't just a rockabilly guitarist but also well employed the punk, swing revival, Texas blues, jump blues along with  his favorite rockabilly styles. Nick's passing is a huge loss to the rockabilly community. Best wishes go out to his family and loved ones.

Many of the bands that Nick was a member of are hallmark bands that enjoy international recognition: Nick Curran and the Nitelifes, Nick Curran and the Lowlifes, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Ronnie Dawson, Deguello and The Flash boys.

Nick was diagnosed in 2010, deemed cancer free in 2011 only to be hammered with a disheartening relapse this year.

This is also a reminder of how difficult it is to pay for health care. Most musicians haven't any health insurance benefits. What is the best method of fixing this situation - I don't know. But the bills devastating families and society. It's a shame that the United States (a prosperous nation) has this problem. Be active towards a solution not reactive!

Yeah, this is groovin!

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