Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collings 290

More information coming soon regarding the Collings 290 guitar. This guitar is simple. It got the bone tone of a legendary slab guitar but without the vintage price tag that often accompanies that type of instrument. The hardware is top notch Tone pro's bridge and saddle. The neck has a 1959 feel but with a 12 degree flat fret board. Pick ups are the bees knees Jason Lollar P90's that might be noisy for some but have the vintage fat sound that is somewhere between a Fender single coil style and a Seth Lover humbucking pickup. Not a pickup for thrash metal but great for just about everything else. Something you don't see on the new production Gibson... The 290 has a ebony peg head veneer, hand set mortise and tenon neck joint, 24 7/8 scale neck, rose wood fingerboard, and last and certainly not least - high gloss nitrocellulose finish.

Playing the guitar without an amp and you will feel the guitar vibrate against your body. At least that is what I felt and this gives the guitar a certain mojo voodoo space dust other worldly vibe. The action is medium and the stock strings were 11's. The guitar is sensitive, my first attempt with a glass slide made me realize immediately the different tension each neck scale promotes as my technique required a re-adjust because I am used to ham-fisted 25 inch neck scales when using a slide. With electronic effects the guitar is also responsive. The high impedance pickups work well with my vintage Big Muff Pi, Fulltone OCD and seamless with time effects as expected.

Craftsmanship is top notch American made Texas style luthiery. I cannot find a flaw on this guitar. This isn't a cherry picked instrument, it's straight off the shelve and into my hands and it is first class wonderful. I've owned and witnessed other name instruments from the good old USA Gibson that I am sure have the skill but the upper management is ...... Let me get back to this guitar. This guitar doesn't disappoint. Long gig's - the weight will not send you to the chiropractor, fingers not as strong as they were when you were younger and pulling those lightning fast licks? No worry, you have a short scale with decreased tension so bend those notes to your hearts content! This guitar is simply a delight to play. You won't find these instruments at Guitar Center but if you have a local quality dealer - try one out for yourself and you will not be disappointed - You will probably catch an incurable disease - GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

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