Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hugh McCracken wins war over Leukemia

Hugh McCracken has passed away. Hugh lost the battle but ultimately won the war because he will no longer need to fight; today he is in everlasting peace. Leukemia sucks mightily.

You should go down the internet rabbits holes and find out why this guy was so revered. BB King jokes that Hugh McCracken wrote all the riffs on the "Live at the Regal," album. If you ever pinned your ear to a Steely Dan song or riff, chances are it was Hugh's riff.

Hugh played on: Paul Simon's, Still crazy after all these years: John Lennon's, Double Fantasy : Billy Joel's, The stranger: Steely Dan's, Gaucho: Paul McCartney's, Ram to name a few.

Elliot Randall posted the following on his Facebook page,
"It is with unspeakable sadness that I share with you the passing of one of the greatest friends and greatest guitarists/musicians who ever graced this planet. I am truly privileged to have known this man throughout all of my adult life. See ya on the other side, Hugh McCracken…"

Hugh McCracken died on March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Johnny 5 Robbed

Thieves broke into Johnny 5's house and burglarized his house while he was away. They stole some instruments, awards, and his privacy. If you, your favorite shop, or friend happens upon these instruments - notify the local authorities!
The stolen instruments and art are in the picture below.

[Posted in Vintage guitar magazine]Guitarist John Lowery (whose stage name is John5) and his family where the victims of a recent robbery at their Los Angeles home. Among the items stolen were several computers, sentimental and unique items, as well as the following instruments: a Fender Telecaster with serial number R33725 in Sparkle Silver finish; a Fender Telecaster with serial number V137811, finished in black with white binding; a Normandy Guitars Alumicaster, chrome-plated, with two humbuckers, no pickguard, and a three-way selector on the upper bass bout; a Gibson Les Paul with black finish and gold pickups; and a Deering Deluxe six-string banjo with serial number 02256103B.
Anyone with information is asked to contact local authorities and Lowery himself via his website (select “Info regarding stolen items” from the pulldown menu),

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Randy Rhoads 31 years ago

This is a nice little clip featuring the amazing Randy Rhoads. Ozzy Osborne is certainly a big star but it was Randy's guitar playing stinging guitar riffs, mesmerizing hooks (Diary of a Madman!) and obvious virtuosity that resurected Ozzy's career and turned Randy into a guitar hero. Unfortunately, Randy was killed in an airplane accident. At the time of Randy's death he paralleled Edward Van Halen in terms of technique and mastery. One can only guess what he would be doing today. Nevertheless, I love listening to Randy Rhoads!

Warning! The clip has truncated versions of his most famous riffs and hooks. Entire songs are not included!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Best Video

What more could you want? Low budget, great song, aerobic exercises, epic dancer who happens to also know the lyrics. This is a favorite video that always makes the adults in our house smile!

Get down and then get back up with your bad self and listen to: The Black Keys!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ted Greene - Chord Chemist

The amazing Ted Greene left us far too early and is still missed. He wrote Chord Chemistry which is a veritable standard among players who use it as the go-to guide for every possible chord. You must get modern chord progression and classical voicing.  Then Jazz guitar single note soloing volume 1, and finally Jazz guitar single note soloing volume 2. More info than you might ever need but still must have!
Every player should practice with Ted's books. Besides being an obsessive guitar player he was a foremost teacher and performer. He never seemed to fear the ubiquitous clam note and move right pass it. This ability was inspiring as so many players play apologetically and riddled anxiety while Ted just effortlessly moved pass it the minutia. We all should learn that we all make mistakes and mistakes are part of the learning process.......

Ted's website is still giving. Check out his site and take some lessons but don't forget to donate. Website's need maintenance and they don't run for free so don't spoil this resource by only taking! Give generously as Ted did for all of us!

Ted suffered a myocardial infarction which is the same thing that killed the wonderful actor from The Green Mile - Michael Clarke Duncan. We love playing music but sometimes we need to get out and break a sweat and do come cardio work. Check with your doctor on a regular basis and get in shape - even if round is a shape! Work out then work out your guitar and make Ted proud!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Talking during a Performance

Let me be perfectly clear. Listen to the artists they are playing. If you must speak, go out the lobby or the outside common area. I don't care if you paid and are entitled. You are also entitled to free speech but exercising that right is not appropriate at a concert, movie, play et cetera............ Talking during the show is rude. Those of you who talk are indeed entitled, entitled to a good Azz kicking.

If you think the artist isn't doing well or deserve your attention at the moment then you must also realize that others might have a different opinion. So put down the hand phone, take your conversation out of the show and try being polite.

Jeff Tweedy is dealing with the inconsiderate yahoo's in this video in a unique manner! Kudos Jeff!!!!

Guitarist Alvin Lee Passed away RIP

Guitarist Alvin Lee passed away due to unforeseen complications following a routine surgery, Alvin was 68.

Alvin was a monster player and his untimely demise is certain to shake the guitar world awake. Alvin was hugely successful in the "Ten Years After" band and penned such supercharged tunes like I'm going home,  and the timeless I'd like to change the world among others. His scorching riffs paved the way for future shredders.

This is a link to Guitar worlds last interview with Alvin!

RIP Alvin!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole C.F.MARTIN Ukelele

Martin is offering a special edition Ukulele that will include a label signed by IZ's wife Marleen. This special ukelele was made for a man that needed a body big enough for his heart. IZ was so special that besides being a wonderful human being, he has transcended into a Hawaii cultural ambassador and local legend.

His commemorative instrument is simply beautiful. The top and sides are made of solid quilted mahogany, Solid East Indian Rosewood head plate, "IZ" letter inlays in Hawaiian Koa, Solid East Indian Rosewood fret board, and Japanese Awabi shell Hibiscus Flower inlay. Truly a magical instrument.

One very cool feature is the friction style string pegs that are actually really mechanized tuners. The geared tuners are a relatively new feature and these "Pegheads," will take some of the trouble out of keeping the instrument in tune!

Go to Iz's official biography page!

Go to Iz's official autobiography page (as nice letter)!

Official information link here!

E noho hau'oli, e aloha, e 'aka!

Eric Clapton Crossroads Collection

Guitar Center is featuring a collaboration of Eric Clapton's historic collection of reissues. Featured are Fender models, Gibson, and C.F. Martin guitars.

All of these instruments are rather expensive but aside from their untouchable cost they are beautiful and wonderful collector models. A lot of time is spent recreating these fine instruments. If you want a serious reality check - view the Martin models! Starting at $45,000 a cost that only Ellison or Zuckerberg could afford............ Some of the proceeds from the instrument sale goes towards the support of Crossroads Foundation. BE SURE TO WATCH THE 2013 CROSSROADS GUITAR FESTIVAL!

The Gibson "Lucy" Les Paul that George Harrison owned and Eric used on "While my guitar gently weeps"

The Fender Strat - Brownie - Very nice Strat that was nicked from Eric - Fender Strat - Brownie!

The C.F. Martin guitars. Like Eric says, most players prefer Martin guitars. I've experienced the same phenomenon. The Martin 00-45 EC and the 00-45 Madagascar are sublime instruments.

Last but not least - The Fender re-pro amps! Far from the exorbitant cost of the Martin guitars, most lay people can afford to duplicate Eric Clapton's electric sound! LINK HERE!