Friday, March 1, 2013

Eric Clapton Crossroads Collection

Guitar Center is featuring a collaboration of Eric Clapton's historic collection of reissues. Featured are Fender models, Gibson, and C.F. Martin guitars.

All of these instruments are rather expensive but aside from their untouchable cost they are beautiful and wonderful collector models. A lot of time is spent recreating these fine instruments. If you want a serious reality check - view the Martin models! Starting at $45,000 a cost that only Ellison or Zuckerberg could afford............ Some of the proceeds from the instrument sale goes towards the support of Crossroads Foundation. BE SURE TO WATCH THE 2013 CROSSROADS GUITAR FESTIVAL!

The Gibson "Lucy" Les Paul that George Harrison owned and Eric used on "While my guitar gently weeps"

The Fender Strat - Brownie - Very nice Strat that was nicked from Eric - Fender Strat - Brownie!

The C.F. Martin guitars. Like Eric says, most players prefer Martin guitars. I've experienced the same phenomenon. The Martin 00-45 EC and the 00-45 Madagascar are sublime instruments.

Last but not least - The Fender re-pro amps! Far from the exorbitant cost of the Martin guitars, most lay people can afford to duplicate Eric Clapton's electric sound! LINK HERE!

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