Friday, March 8, 2013

Ted Greene - Chord Chemist

The amazing Ted Greene left us far too early and is still missed. He wrote Chord Chemistry which is a veritable standard among players who use it as the go-to guide for every possible chord. You must get modern chord progression and classical voicing.  Then Jazz guitar single note soloing volume 1, and finally Jazz guitar single note soloing volume 2. More info than you might ever need but still must have!
Every player should practice with Ted's books. Besides being an obsessive guitar player he was a foremost teacher and performer. He never seemed to fear the ubiquitous clam note and move right pass it. This ability was inspiring as so many players play apologetically and riddled anxiety while Ted just effortlessly moved pass it the minutia. We all should learn that we all make mistakes and mistakes are part of the learning process.......

Ted's website is still giving. Check out his site and take some lessons but don't forget to donate. Website's need maintenance and they don't run for free so don't spoil this resource by only taking! Give generously as Ted did for all of us!

Ted suffered a myocardial infarction which is the same thing that killed the wonderful actor from The Green Mile - Michael Clarke Duncan. We love playing music but sometimes we need to get out and break a sweat and do come cardio work. Check with your doctor on a regular basis and get in shape - even if round is a shape! Work out then work out your guitar and make Ted proud!

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