Monday, May 20, 2013

A Song

As a song you might find your life bittersweet. Your genesis could be that of anger, fear, grief  love, joy, revenge, politics, and nothingness. The the reasons for your birth is endless. However, your journey is not one without the complement of adventure as you wind your way to an end. Like the people who brought you to be, you can be liked by or for every different aspect of your being whether it be your name, your rhythm, your melody, the story, the rhyme and again, it's the perception of the listener. That my friend is completely subjective to the individual listener. You, however, should not worry about the path before you for the worry may end your life before it begins.

A songs life can twist and turn to levels you never imagine. You might start as a spark of a synopsis and then a scribble on a piece of napkin, a mindless note ringing on a instrument, a hammer striking a nail, the air compressor refilling its tank. Never you mind, breath the sound waves. For your journey is daunting and not for the weak hearted. The skys the limit and the abyss is always looming. You might be a piece of acetate, vinyl, magnetic tape, electrons, one's and zero's, mp3's but never judge yourself based on appearance. Again, one day you might be radio waves or sound waves but where will you ultimately be received is the darkness that never speaks. Will you become a treasured piece or recycled plastic? There is certainty and the certainty is that if you never are created then you will never be and nobody will ever have the chance to hear you. Stop the silence and be productive. Be written today.

..... and try not to dwell on the fact that life is finite not infinite and listening to something you don't like is time lost that will never be recovered. Bittersweet.

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