Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jeff Hanneman - Founding member of Slayer RIP

A spider bite? After reading about the premature death of Jeff Hanneman I flipping visited my doctor. Especially since the average human eats 8 spiders a year! Gimmie a break....

I remember seeing that Jeff was making a sustained effort to rehabilitate from the necrotic skin infection in his arm only to initially read that Jeff tragically died from the infection. However, his cause of death was listed as liver failure which is a treatable and generally preventable illness often associated with lifestyle. If lifestyle bears out to be the cause of Jeff's untimely demise then attributing his death to necrotizing fasciitis is unjustly masking the truth and doing a disservice to those who need to realize that abusing one's health is not cool and can be fatal. The truth is that a hard living, live for today, party at all cost and forget about tomorrow is the cause of Jeff's death, then that is a game changer. That makes things different, talent or no talent. Certainly, Jeff was very talented and this is a sad tale and hopefully his untimely death, if due to abuse, can be used as an example to prevent others from traveling down a road of self destruction.

Playing clubs and concerts night to night and town to town is difficult to sustain even for the most robust musician. Touring becomes immeasurably more challenging when you and your mates are oversaturated..... Road food alone can even kill you over time. The requirements of touring involve traveling constantly, eating on the road, lack of sleep, spatial disorientation, and jet lag. Touring on a repetitive basis is tough on the human body.  If time bears witness that hard partying had nothing to do with Jeff perishing then I'll take this post down. Whatever the truth might be the fact remains that this IS tragic and my sympathy goes to his friends and family who now undoubtedly miss him very much.

One that is not in doubt: Jeff had some of the sickest licks. RIP Jeff Hanneman!

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