Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What do you call a guitar repair dude? Or how to pronounce Luthier?!

Dude, I am all, like, soooo confused! See? I'm all like trying to figure out whether this guitar repair guy is called a "Loo Ther, Loo Tee Yeah, Lood tee er"?

Ok, no joking now. A Luthier is pronounced "Lu Tear" or click here to go to my source for the pronunciation. Accordingly, the definition is a person who makes stringed musical instruments. Not all people that call himself a Luthier actually make guitars though the name implies that the person holding the title manufacturers stringed musical instruments. To me; a luthier is a skilled person who can manufacture or repair a stringed instrument.

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Jason shwartz said...

This is great information about what guitar repair people are called. I really like that you mentioned the pronunciation as well, that definitely helps with understanding what is being said. These "Lu Tear's" really must have a very important job to be able to last for so long throughout the ages. Thank you for sharing.

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