Monday, June 10, 2013

Johnny Cash United States Postal Stamp!

Johnny Cash was a working man whose music represented the mainstream population of the United States for generations. His music and style was unique and clearly defined; he was The man in Black. Johnny Cash was simply great because he appealed to almost everyone on some common level. He came from a dirt poor family, embodied rebelliousness, humility, regret, and love. All of Johnny's life's work and experience helped transform Johnny  into a legend.

I remember that when I was very young I loved Johnny's song, "A boy named Sue," because it had a cool guitar riff, it was funny to me, he swore and talked about fighting in the song. What more could a young boy want? Of course I like his other songs but "Sue," is what caught my ear!

Johnny Cash now has his own "Forever" stamp.

A "forever" stamp which is a non-denominal stamp which maintain full validity for that intended postage even after the postage rate has increased.

You might want to pick up a commemorative collectors version of Johnny's stamps for posterity.

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