Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gretsch Guitars! Brief Expose.................

 You need to try a Gretsch guitar. The quality of these instruments as tremendously improved since Fred Gretsch took over and even more so since Fender started marketing the Gretsch instruments.

Gretsch guitars are indeed crazy cool. Save your tattoo money and buy one of these instruments. You might need a Vox or Fender amp to get that vintage sound or you can hook it up to your favorite amp and create your own sound.

The sprite tone of a Gretsch is used by many great musicians. People such as (In no particular order): Chet Atkins, George Harrison, Neil Young, Steven Stills, Brian Setzer and many more. Check out my brief expose regarding these fine instruments and some day take the time to play one. Look closely at the craftsmanship because they are very well made instruments in my opinion.
The original punk - Neil Young on a White Falcon.

 George Harrison on his Duo Jet
 Green Duo Jet that just scream class and cool.
 All important bracing that aids stability and reduces feed back.
Billy Duffy of The Cult.

 Under the Top of an Anniversary model, affectionately referred to as the Annie.
 None of than a Chet. Chet Atkins was simply a powerhouse MOFO player and business man. Often referred to as Mister Guitar. If he thought you were good, he anointed you the CGP distinction.Chet was head of  Mark Knopfler was anointed.
Ah, yes! Chili peppers, Hot Rods and naked women  surround this famous guitar. This is the birth of a 6199G Billybo guitar otherwise know as a Billy F. Gibbons, Rev. Billy G. Guitar. So cool you'd smoke your fingers on that one!
Billybo Jupiter
Billy with Jupiter.

 Dark and Sexy 6128 Duo Sonic George Harrison model Gretsch.

A Gretsch 6122 country Gentleman

 Beautiful White Falcon.
Duo Jet
Gretsch Duo Jet in vintage green skin.

Whose this guy!!!??? Brian Setzer is too school for cool or the other way around!

 Routing the body which helps create its unique tone.
Profile of the interior

 Gretsch Eddie Cochran guitar! Arguably one of the top five Rockabilly Guitarists ever.

Neil Young on his Gretsch White Falcon.

 Fine women and guitars!
 Historical tones!
Steven Stills and his babies!

 Gretsch Bracing or trestles.
X-ray of Gretsch trestle placement.
A Brian Setzer 6120 figured model.

The Gretsch 6118 Cadillac Green Annie.

Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose.

Check out Rev Horton Heat's guitar here on this link.

Gretsch instruments simply should not be overlooked in your quest for unique tone.

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