Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jimmy Page: Father of Google!!!???

I have been told by an unconfirmed source that Google's own Larry Page might be the offspring of legendary Rock Star Jimmy Page! Sir Page's offspring is a covert attempt to control the planet via the internet. This plan was released to the public as a song called Going to California and has taken 42 years to slowly but methodically win the hearts and minds of earthlings.  And just where did the worlds most famous company(Google's) start up, hummmmmm? California! Is this all just coincidence? I think not! My secret source wished to remain anonymous until her numerologist has terminated the statistical data marathon supporting the calumniation of the Page family name. Or, maybe the secret source will remain anonymous and that is why they are a secret source. ;)
You be the judge! Bucko!
Larry might have the money.... Jimmy writes songs and plays guitars! Start practicing Larry!

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