Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Rosetta Nubin) - Born 3/20/1915

Happy Birthday to The Godmother of Rock and roll who was born today 99 years ago. Whew! Seems like yesterday to some people. Part sermon, part gospel, part rock and roll. Rosetta was immensely popular and successful. Go to the biography channel to read up on her life. By all means watch her biography if you have the chance. Or check out wiki here.

Rosetta must have known guitars well as I've never seen a picture where she was holder a inferior instrument. I think she might have been able to run circles around some guitar aficionados.

Sadly, diabetes took Rosetta at an early age of 58.

She certainly played expensive guitars! Here she plays a 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top.
You need to check out songs like; This train, It didn't rain to name a few. See here playing a 1963 Les Paul Custom.
Happy Birthday Rosetta!


Annette said...

I am a middle aged white lady who feels inspired by Rosetta, and I am thinking of buying a guitar and learning how to play it, but I am a tightwad with very limited resources. I was thinking of mimicking her because I love gospel music also. Do you have a guitar suggestion for me? Remember that whatever I buy is what I'll learn to play on.

Scott said...

HI Annette, You might trying reading the following posts. I had a long answer but the internet ate my answer! A Taylor Mini GS is a great smaller guitar. Try it out at a big box - Guitar Center like instrument store. They have a decent return policy if it doesn't work out. It might be on the small side so that would be a consideration if this purchase must take your out for a few years. Try before you buy!
Read the following post on this link

A cheap guitar might ruin the experience. The mini GS is well made and will last years if treated properly - guitars are not very weather proof so an acoustic should be well thought out. You can find a lot of Epiphone guitars that play well and Fenders too. You need to hold one and press the strings to really get an idea what will work for you.

Good luck, S/

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