Friday, March 21, 2014

Buying Guitars; take your pick!

Finding a inexpensive, well made, rare wood guitar is no longer possible and similar to finding the perfect wife/husband - Smart, Good looking, rich - pick two! So pick two and consider yourself lucky if you obtain those objective: well made, rare wood is fine BUT you can bet the instrument will not be inexpensive!!!! That is no longer possible with the economics of modern instruments where the production cost, material cost, shipment cost, and other untold miasma controls the end product of a fine instrument.

On a positive note; low cost guitars are well made and help students advance quickly.

On a personal note: my parents wouldn't buy me a good guitar until I proved that I was interested and that this hobby wasn't just another one of my brief learning experiences. I received a classical guitar for Christmas and was given lessons. It was my responsibility to practice and take care of my instrument. Obviously I am still smitten with the instrument.

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