Friday, March 21, 2014

Walter Trout Needs a New Liver!

** Update: Walter received a transplant. He is doing better but he was seriously ill; recovery is slow, complicated, and just plain tough. Please put some positive thoughts out to Walter as he fights his way back to good health. Thank you for reading this post and doing what you can! 

Most working musicians do not have health insurance. Most. However, Walter Trout does have health insurance but due to his the nature of his illness he cannot work and his insurance will not cover all the costs of recovery. He cannot tour currently so he hasn't any income but while he is in the hospital - money is being drained from his family. He needs the musical community to help. I don't know Walter but I doubt he would ask for help but if he doesn't get help then the music will stop and a lot of people will suffer. I am donating what I can and you might want to do a good deed and throw down some cash yourself!
I think most of us do not think about our own mortality until it's too late but when you get sick, the bills, collectors show up before you are out of the hospital. Unfortunately, health is a business just like show business. The hospital is a great place to leave but facing ever mounting bills sucks.

Please donate! Go here to donate!

Thank You!

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Shaky Joe Chuddy said...

Poor Walter. I hope he gets well soon.

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