Monday, June 28, 2010

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010

We are starved for music. Many years ago I would grab the pink section of the San Francisco Chronicle and look up all the events scheduled for summertime. Once upon a time we had Day on the Green, Bridge School event, Konocti Harbor and Garlic festival where I saw WAR play. However, times are tough but Great music is still alive and well.

The Crossroads festival is one of those epic events where you can see guitar GODS interacting with other respectable musicians and also with their own bands. However, this event is in danger of becoming extinct. Mr. Clapton and all of his minions put this show on with help of sponsors such as Guitar Center, Fender Music Corporation and other fabulous volunteers. This event helps undercut the cost of the rehabilitation clinic in Antigua. Well, an event of this size requires a lot of work and at one point Eric pondered making this the last festival. No man, pass the baton but don't stop!

Where else can you find such talent in one place short of the Olympics or the World Cup (FIFA)? Steve Winwood, Buddy Guy, BB King oh my god this is amazing. Let's not forget Mr. Chi town - Bill Murray! Bill Murray is the emcee for the second time and he is always pulling pranks and keeping us in stitches. The last festival....? No no no.

Over twenty acts or personalities made it to the stage for over 11 hours of entertainment. 11 hours, well, Woodstock was epic because of the epic shift in social conscience where Crossroads seems to epitomize our struggle with addiction, repression, depression and financial devastation. For 11 hours we can forget our troubles, help a good cause, and become afflicted with facial cramps from smiling and hooting to our hearts content. The show must go on.

One group was missing from this event, The Allman Brothers Band was absent due to Gregg's recent liver transplant (hopefully a Speedy recovery) but lets hope our prayers will be answered and The ABB will be in full force in 2011. Notably; Warren Haynes (ABB - Gvmint Mule), Derek Trucks attended and gave the crowd a taste of Beacon Theater's favorite band.

Where do I stop? Jimmie Vaughan is coming out with a new album and as usual, played a few notes that hit the crowd like lightning bolts. BB King? Come on man, Hubert Sumlin..... Reverend Willy Gibbons and ZZ TOP and Johnny Winters was looking good and playing like someone rolled the clocks back. Shoot, if Willie Nelson was there, one might have to pinch oneself.

If I could be so selfish, I'd wish that this event occurred four times a year. I'd had the event in the North, South, East and finally the West. The concert would be within driving range of all regions. However, there are far too many acts to expect this to happen twice much less four times a year as it is a logistic nightmare. So, those who couldn't make it to past shows should endeavor to see next year's show before this event becomes something we reminisce about and hold in reverence. If you can make to this show - GO.

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