Friday, August 6, 2010

Jimmy Bruno on Tommy Tedesco, Barry Cleveland

As a youngster I knew all about Tommy Tedesco. He was usually wearing a hat and was a bit portly. I can still see him in my minds eye but my view is from the perspective of a prepubescent kid. All of my guitar hero's spoke of Tommy with reverence and affection for the man and his skills. If I learned anything in my lessons it was that Tommy's skills were the mad skills that I needed to challenge myself to beat in order to read music well. I can read music but I still am far from Tommy's skills.

Jimmy Bruno shares some of his experiences with Tommy Tedesco in this article written by Barry Cleveland of GP magazine. The article is brief and candid. Enjoy! Scott/

Below is the link to Jimmy's story about the Great Tommy Tedesco
Jimmy Bruno on Tommy Tedesco, Barry Cleveland

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