Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tila Tequila - Why you pay so much to have your guitar repaired and so much more!!

I conclude that people like Tila Tequila however vapid and obtuse seem to proliferate during tough times. Why do we pay any attention to this Lamborghini leasing, tonsil mangling, teenage fantasy girl? Is it that we all want to do nothing and be well paid for Potemkin Meritocracy?

Now we have hard economic times and during these times we need to be frugal and being frugal requires us to be self reliant. In order to insulate and extricate themselves from dependence on a obscure global market people are looking to gain tangible skills. Lately, the local community colleges are filling shop and industrial classes with people who already have four year degrees. This is a shift in thinking from the techno revolution, heavy binary, less obtrusive work.

There is trouble brewing because in addition to the current economic fiasco there are many people who are unhappy in their work. Their jobs have obscure and contrived metrics, their bosses are under the guise of therapists or career coaches to their so-called teams. Worse, the arbitrary goals and objectives of these teams are more difficult to trace and leave the high achievers in the shadows while individuals with uncanny modes of manipulation shirk daily duties and pine for management attention.

Many people are trying to recover from the rapid descent of their assets base while they maintain jobs that will soon be outsourced. Careers that were once thought of as safe are no longer safe. Nurses for example, there was a shortage but there are other countries on this planet that have social systems that support free education. This resource was tapped and now we have an over abundance of nurses. We want the best for our children, we place them in tutorial classes in addition to their normal studies but are we only succeeding at producing students that can answer questions on standardized tests, site facts, but they cannot turn a screw driver or operate a shovel. Are we producing kidbots that will not be able to fix their toilet or change a tire unless the facts and instructions are available on YouTube or on their Iphone? We worry that we are becoming stupider and as we grow older we ponder if we really have an adequate grasp on the world.

Could it be that we will have a post technology revolution where some people decide that they can only find satisfaction in working with their hands? The current trend will dictate that soon there will be many proverbial chiefs and very few Indians then the question of how much a plumber costs will be a relevant question. So fear not, if you are unable to wield tools or fix things then your day of reckoning is near because obscure objectives and obtuse metrics driven by fear mongering pseudo life coach bosses are driving intellectuals into the trades and the prices of basic repairs will ascend as the need increases. Fibonacci sequence reflects this trend so get out your wallet Millennial's because whether the instrument you play or the toilet you flush works well will depend on someone with tangible skills. So there is a price to pay for our technology revolution that has given us the ability of being disburdened of involvement in our stuff.

So there is a price to pay and pay it you will. If your guitar, washing machine, car, bicycle, cell phone needs repair you will need to pay the person fixing this item and pay them well. China won't help, you cannot go there today and shipping, insurance, and time will vanquish this idea. And what if the electricity was off for a day? Well, lets just say that would be really bad news indeed.

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